Old Wine Barrel Cheese Boards


Your Cheese cake is supplied with a basic base. Should you want something special as your base which you can keep as a keepsake for the future, consider some the options below.

The winemakers of the Western Cape region of South Africa import beautifully hand crafted barrels from the famous ‘ Tonnelleries ‘ (Coopers) of France. Made from 100 year old oak timber… each one is an original with its own unique oak flavour and character. Every barrel is used to mature several different wines, usually finishing off with a red wine… but they only have a limited lifespan in the winery and after a number of years have to be replaced with new.

These beautiful hand-crafted boards go through a process of transformation from wine barrels into the beautiful and unique product range listed below.

French Oak  ‘Du Pain” Bread Board


  • Diameter:  +/- 380 mm x 30mm
  • +/- 2kg

Light Duty Boards

Although these are designed as Placemats they can be used as light duty boards. Perfect for having next to your cheese cake to be used as cutting the cheese on the day

39.5 x 26cm

Joie de Vivre Cheese Platter


  • Made from a recycled wine barrell top
  • French oak
  • Unoiled
  • 550-650mm
  • 4-5kg

Joie de Vivre Heart Board  

  • Traditional style oak board
  • Unoiled gives it a lovely raw grey finish
  • Leather thread
  • 360mm diameter
  • 1kg

French Oak “Heart” Le Coeur de la Maison

This Chunky heart board is produced locally from the finest French Oak. Its more than a board, its more like a piece of art you wont want to put away.

Dimensions: 460 x 330 x 35mm

Cake Stand on Wrought iron legs

This beauty is not always available, please contact us should you want to place an order…

  • Medium Size: Top 320mm x 210mm
  • Large Size: Top 400mm x260mm