Extra’s for your Cheese Cake Display

Choosing whether you will be having accompaniments with your Cheese Cake is a matter of preference.
You can have a choice of all or a combination of the options below:

Selection of artisan breads

There is nothing like the taste of fresh bread.

We select a variety of fresh artisan breads to suit different tastes. You can choose to go with a selection of just breads or we can combine them with crackers.


Selection of crackers

We only choose the best suppliers to bring you a variety of crackers. From your ever popular salty crackers to whole wheat options, rice crackers the selection in plenty.


Trio of jams and preserves

These have proven to be the perfect combination and accompaniment to cheese:

  • Tomatoe chilli or Sweet chilli jam
  • Onion Marmalade and
  • Fig preserve (Chunks of preserved figs)


Other options to suit your taste are available.